Want to Get Rich Online? Here’s Why It Won’t Work For You

Seeking to ‘get rich’ is not the way to make money online. You need to take a longer term perspective than simply wanting to make some money fast.

Of course, you might make money fast like I did, but what if you don’t? You gonna quit just because things didn’t work out according to your (probably) unrealistic ‘plan?’

Get clear on this: you’re building a business. It’s not a lottery, it’s not a sham and it does require work.

On the other hand if you’re prepared to put in the effort to build a real business that produces income for years to come, read on.

Who Is This For?

This is for you if you have tried and failed at other things such as MLM, affiliate marketing, and other types of home business programs.

If you are already in a traditional small ticket network marketing program (MLM), which is focused on traditional strategies such as calling leads, home meetings etc, this article may not be for you. In essence this article is about internet marketing – how to get more people to buy products from you ONLINE, without chasing or hustling anyone.

So let’s get started…

In practice, one of the key ingredients in the success mix is this:

The Right Business Model

When choosing an affiliate or network marketing program to promote it’s important that the program has the right attributes.

How to Choose the Right Business Model

Before you join a specific program get clear about the business model first.

The core business model strategy that I’ve used since 2006 is this:

1. Big Ticket Not Small Ticket

Even though I often lead with a small ticket product offer my intention is to make a big ticket sale. To make the business model viable you will need to make at least $1k per sale from some of the people who buy your low priced offer.

2. Potent Sales Funnel

A potent sales funnel will usually include a lead capture page, a sales page aligned with a compelling offer, a sales promoting order form, and an auto responder follow up sequence.

3. Upsell Pathway

Having an effective up-sell program is mandatory. Many sales funnels may up-sell people into modestly higher value offers, but miss out on potentially much larger sales because they simply don’t have a fully fleshed out up-sell pathway. The best marketers will also make big ticket sales (that sell for thousands of dollars each) to suitable customers who have purchased their smaller ticket products first.

4. Pull NOT Push Marketing

The key here is to get people to approach you, not the other way around. It’s more about farming than hunting. Plant the seeds, wait for the harvest. When you join my team you will have access to powerful training that will show you exactly how to get traffic and warm leads flowing in one direction – to you!

OK, now that you’re clear on the basics, go and do your research to learn exactly how to achieve the above objectives. Good luck!

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