Trump news today: Ex-president lashes out at Fiona Hill after she accuses him of ‘pulling a Putin’

Mitch McConnell explains why he will still support Donald Trump

Donald Trump has launched a personal attack against former National Security Council Director Fiona Hill after the publication of a New York Times interview in which the Russia expert accused him of “pulling a Putin” after the 2020 election.

In a rageful statement, Mr Trump ranted that if Ms Hill didn’t have her British accent “she would be nothing”.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has raised eyebrows by endorsing Dr Mehmet Oz to represent Pennsylvania in the US Senate. “I have known Dr. Oz for many years, as have many others, even if only through his very successful television show,” Mr Trump said in a statement. “He has lived with us through the screen and has always been popular, respected, and smart.”

The announcement outraged many conservatives, including the previous Trump-endorsed candidate for that seat.

“I have enormous respect for President Trump,” tweeted Sean Parnell, who dropped out of the race in November. “But I’m disappointed by this. Oz is the antithesis of everything that made Trump the best president of my lifetime – he’s the farthest thing from America First & he’d be very bad for PA.”


Former cop convicted of Jan 6 offences

A former Virginia police officer has been convicted on six counts stemming from his participation in the 6 January attack on the US Capitol. Thomas Robertson is the second defendant from the insurrection to be found guilty, after Guy Reffitt, the Texas man and militia member who notoriously threatened his family members with violent reprisal if they turned him in.

The FBI recently said it was still working to identify more than 200 suspected rioters who still have not been arrested despite being caught on camera at the event.

Read more on Mr Robertson’s case below.

Andrew Naughtie12 April 2022 12:42


Trump brags about Space Force in off-the-cuff Florida speech

Donald Trump went walkabout in Palm Beach, Florida yesterday, arriving at a local meeting of Club 45 USA, a group formed for “patriots” who support the MAGA agenda. The group’s claims on its site that its meetings attract crowds of as many as 2,000 people.

Andrew Naughtie12 April 2022 12:15


Trump on Fiona Hill

Donald Trump’s reaction to Fiona Hill’s recent New York Times interview was characteristically over-the-top, laying into his own former Russia adviser in the most personal terms after she warned of the ex-president’s resemblance to Vladimir Putin “in political practice and predilection”.

Recalling watching the 6 January 2001 attack on the Capitol at home, she said she saw a “thread” between the riot and what Mr Putin had done in 2020 by changing Russia’s constitution to allow him to serve as president longer.

“This was Trump pulling a Putin,” she said.

Asked about Ms Hill’s comments, Mr Trump told the Times: “She doesn’t know the first thing she’s talking about. If she didn’t have the accent she would be nothing.”

Andrew Feinberg has the story.

Andrew Naughtie12 April 2022 11:44


Lauren Boebert still lobbying Elon Musk to restore “free speech” to Twitter

When erratic billionaire Elon Musk bought a 9 per cent share in Twitter, it sparked hope among conservatives that the contrarian SpaceX founder might restore Donald Trump’s account in the name of free speech. It’s since been announced that Mr Musk will not be joining the company’s board, but that isn’t stopping various right-wingers hoping he’ll reshape the platform in their favour…

Andrew Naughtie12 April 2022 11:11


Kinzinger: Trump admitted attempting a coup

Adam Kinzinger, one of the two Republicans on the 6 January committee, has once again made clear his views on Donald Trump’s role in the Capitol riot he and his colleagues are investigating, as well as the prospect of holding the ex-president accountable.

“There’s no criminal component to what the House of Representatives can do,” he said, “but certainly we can put that information out there, and DoJ can take a look and do whatever they will with it.”

Andrew Naughtie12 April 2022 10:27


Watch: Tucker Carlson speaks to overtly racist academic

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson has lately been making waves with his conspiracy-mongering about the 6 January riot and his increasingly Putin-sympathetic statements on the Ukraine conflict, including questioning the well-established facts of war crimes in places like Bucha. However, he is still featuring guests with a variety of extreme views, and this week’s uproar comes from an interview he did with notorious Princeton academic Amy Wax, whom he hosted for an astonishing discussion of immigration and the intellectual faculties of students of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds.

Watch a segment of their interview below.

Andrew Naughtie12 April 2022 10:01


Merrick Garland’s “lonely decision” on 6 January prosecutions

The question of whether or not the 6 January committee will secure prosecutions hinges heavily on the Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland, and it remains to be seen if Mr Garland is actually considering investigating and even indicting Donald Trump himself.

Speaking on MSNBC last night, the LA Times’s Harry Litman explained that in his view, whether or not the committee makes a criminal referral to the department recommending charges against the president is not the main factor in Mr Garland’s calculation; instead, he says, the real issue is what the attorney general things would best benefit the US writ large.

Andrew Naughtie12 April 2022 09:22


Russian state media calls for Trump to be reelected

On Russian state television, “political experts” are calling for a regime change in the US amid Joe Biden’s support for Ukraine.

The Daily Beast reported that during a programme hosted by Evgeny Popov last week, the host said that time has come “again to help our partner Trump to become President.”

It reported that Russian political scientist Malek Dudakov also suggested that Donald Trump should be invited to Mariupol once Russia wins the city.

He added that “when things thaw out and the presidential race for 2024 is firmly on the agenda, there’ll be moments we can use. The most banal approach I can think of is to invite Trump—before he announces he’s running for President—to some future summit in liberated Mariupol.”

Andrew Naughtie12 April 2022 08:45


Trump-backed Alaska hopeful officially files for Senate run

Kelly Tshibaka — who has been endorsed by Donald Trump — filed her papers for an official run as a candidate for the US Senate in Alaska on Monday.

Ms Tshibaka will face incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski in the race.

As she filed her papers she claimed that Ms Murkowski was helping the agenda of President Joe Biden — Ms Murkowski voted to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson in the Supreme Court.

Ms Tshibaka called Ms Brown Jackson a “leftist judge” and criticised Ms Murkowski for not backing Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

“Lisa Murkowski has forgotten us because she cares more about being popular with her friends in Washington, DC,” she said.

Maroosha Muzaffar12 April 2022 07:50


Donald Trump fans frustrated over Elon Musk’s refusal to join Twitter board

Donald Trump’s supporters are disappointed that Elon Musk isn’t joining the Twitter board.The fans of the former president had assumed that Mr Musk would overturn Mr Trump’s Twitter ban.

Mr Trump received a permanent ban from Twitter on 8 January 2021 amid concerns that he was inciting violence on the platform.

Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters begged the Tesla owner to reconsider his decision and to help revoke the ban on Trump’s and other conservatives’ Twitter handles.

“Now that @ElonMusk is Twitter’s largest shareholder, it’s time to lift the political censorship,” Rep. Lauren Boebert had tweeted. “Oh… and BRING BACK TRUMP!”

Maroosha Muzaffar12 April 2022 07:17