Transporting Classic & Prestige Vehicles – An Overview

If you have a classic or prestige vehicle you wish to transport you have a wide number of choices. There are many firms in the UK offering car transportation services. Most of these companies will operate a range of different types of trailer and so it is important to consider what is most appropriate for your vehicle.

Classic car transport represents a significant part of the vehicle transportation market. Common occasions where prestige vehicles need to be transported include car shows, product launches and dealer stock transfers. Due to the value of the vehicle the transportation of classic cars is a specialised service. Trailers used are specially designed for safe and efficient transportation of the vehicle. Drivers of the trailers will be professionals who are experienced in handling prestige vehicles.

Types of trailers used in classic car transportation will vary. Common types of trailers used include six and four car enclosed trailers and two car non-stacking enclosed trailers. Most transportation of classic cars will involve covered trailers.

Opting to use a covered car transporter trailer offers a number of benefits. By keeping the car concealed it is easier to ensure that it is protected from exposure to road dirt and weather conditions such as rain and frost. An enclosed trailer also gives added protection from possible damage caused by trees and branches or from an accidental collision. With covered vehicle transporters the car is kept out of view of thieves and vandals and so the vehicle is more secure.

As well as the type of trailer used the main factor in determining the cost of transporting the classic car is the distance involved. Some car transporters will charge by the mile with higher premiums being set for international transport. The competitive nature of the marketplace means that customers can expect a high standard of service. Classic car transport companies will typically offer flexibility in pick-up and delivery time to suit the needs of the customer. Additionally customers will have access to up to the minute updates on the status of their vehicle.

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