The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition’ Seemingly Confirmed Yet Again

It’s been a single of the longest-managing rumors of the year, and there’s a new, fresh new piece of evidence that indeed, Rockstar is going forward with a remaster of 3 typical Grand Theft Auto games.

There ended up rumors for a extended while from a variety of resources, which culminated in a Kotaku report in August that claimed the GTA remaster was authentic, and remaining labored on by Rockstar Dundee. They mentioned at first these new variations had been likely to be packaged for cost-free with following-gen GTA 5, now delayed to 2022, but the new approach is to promote them independently.

This most recent clear affirmation is that a little something termed Grand Theft Car: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has been noticed as currently being rated in Korea as of yesterday, which you can see in this article.

To be distinct, the trilogy we’re speaking about listed here is not GTA 1-3, but GTA 3, GTA Vice Metropolis and GTA San Andreas. And them being rated alongside one another as a trilogy in a “Definitive Edition” appears to be like they will not be offered separately, but possible all alongside one another in the moment package, which is not a major shock. It is not very clear the scope of the upgrades the remaster will have, whether it will be a purely visible up grade, or if matters like the UI will be reworked to be uniform across titles and drawing aspects from GTA 5.

What ever the situation, each time a remastered GTA trilogy does arrive out, it’s crystal clear it’s heading to be a massive very best-seller. GTA 5 continues to be popular but a certain contingent of the gaming public is type of unwell of listening to about it, as evidenced by the underwhelming reaction to the GTA 5 following-gen trailer PlayStation a short while ago showed off, which seemed to exhibit pretty much no enhancements to the recreation, specifically compared to the already-current Laptop model. GTA 6 is nevertheless eons away owing to GTA 5’s popularity, but I can see there getting a large amount of excitement all around a remaster of the initial trilogy if it’s done perfectly, presented how beloved those people games are, and how it’s been tricky to return to them specified how dated they are. A remaster is possibly just what the medical doctor purchased for them, and I can’t say I’m astonished Rockstar made the decision that maybe they should not be a cost-free giveaway just after all.

There is no telling when we might lastly hear some official affirmation about the existence of the trilogy remaster, and if that would be out before or after GTA 5’s new next gen release day, which is now in March 2022. But they will sell effectively every time they get there, and I consider absolutely everyone is eager to see everything about this remaster, when compared to another appear at the “upgraded” GTA 5.

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