The Importance of Water

Water is one of the most important things on earth. Every living thing needs water for its survival. Without water, plants, animals, microbes – everything, will perish.

Our bodies are composed of about 75% water. So we are literally walking bags of water. Water allows our blood to flow through the blood vessels thus supplying the body with vital nutrients. Also water allows waste matter to be eliminated from the body via the excretory system. Our need for water becomes very apparent when we are thirsty. The taste of water going down the throat is something we all find so much pleasure in. We drink glasses of this precious transparent liquid everyday. It is vital to our life.

The first civilizations of man started near rivers. The Nile, the Tigris and Euphrates were where man began to establish themselves on the earth. In all parts of the world, the major rivers played a major part in the evolution of man.

Water is used for drinking, washing, cleaning and just about any activity we care to do. Without water, living is virtually impossible.

Water covers about two thirds of the total surface of the earth. The vast expanse of seas and oceans has long been our major sources of food and means of travel. Millions of fishes live in the sea. They provide an abundant supply of food. Most of us have eaten fish, with exceptions of those who do not eat meat. The majority of mankind will continue to eat fish.

The rivers, seas and oceans provide man with an important means of travel. In ancient times, man explored the earth via the sea. The British, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and others all reached the less developed world in their ships. They conquered or colonized what they discovered. Much of what we are today are influenced by the travelers who came over the seas in their ships long ago.

Today the waterways of the world are still of major importance to mankind. Huge oil tankers, container ships and others ply these routes. In fact many of the sea routes are overcrowded.

When there is shortage of water such as when there is a drought, then we know how terrible the consequences can be. Plants, animals and human beings perish. The affected land becomes parched and dry. Nothing grows. In the midst of the Sahara Desert where there is very little rain, there is also very little life. Mostly we get sand and more sand. No man can live there.

People who live near or around deserts know the value of water. They know how precious it is and they take great care using it. We, who live in a land where water is plentiful, think nothing of standing under the shower for half and hour. Those who live in arid areas do not have such a luxury. They cannot afford to waste water like we do.

As long as there is life on this planet, water will be here. Without it, life as we know it is impossible. Thus it is important for us to know how precious water is. We ought not to waste it or pollute it by any means. Water is just too precious.

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