Love One Another and Learn to Live Together in Peace and Harmony

Pride is the root of all sin. The tree of sin begins with the pride of man. Hate is a darkness of man which comes directly from pride. Pride gives birth to all of man’s sin. Destroy the roots of pride and you will destroy sin.

If it wasn’t for the righteous, man would’ve destroyed himself years ago that is how powerful pride is. Pride gives birth to sins like, anger, jealousy, envy, greed, gluttony, hate, crime, wars, racism, abortions, gossip, violence, rape, murder and so on. Man needs to overcome his pride so that he can be acquire the Love of God. This way we can walk with God and “Love One Another”.

Hate is a powerful, negative emotion. Love has the ability to conquer hate. We need to suppress this hate and practice loving one another and caring enough about our fellowman to help them out whenever possible. Why do we see another person’s skin color? Why do we blame one race for this happening and another for that happening?

God did create us all. We are all human beings that make mistakes. This why we need to teach each other with love and kindness instead of condemning one another. We can be so much happier when we see the good in people and bring that out of them. Instead, we sometimes blame people for our own misery.

If everyone would just learn to look over the negative things and grab hold of the positive things, they would overcome that darkness of their pride and be able to live a happy life. Imagine if everyone was sharing their love from their heart and not spreading hate, what a beautiful world this would become, everyone living in harmony with each other.

The United States probably has the largest mixture of races in the world, so why can’t we all get along with each other and live in peace? We could show the world just how powerful this nation is, just by loving one another. Also, could you imagine the blessings that God would be pouring out upon this nation? Right now, I don’t think God is too happy with this nation.

Each and everyone of us has their own belief’s. We need to respect other people’s belief’s, not mock them, bash them, or persecute them for it. This is what our forefathers fought for and gave their lives for. So that we could have the freedom to practice our own belief’s without fear of persecution.

People have been using God’s name to commit so many senseless killings all because they don’t believe in their way. I do believe that God said not to take His name in vain. I don’t think that God wants us to pass judgment on someone because they may use a different book, or pray a different way. God teaches us to love one another, not hate each other. Man does this for one reason, it comes from pride.

No one is going to win someone over by acting in a hateful, finger pointing, arrogant way. You may win them over if you practice good fruits like, trustfulness, love, kindness, gentleness, joy, peace, patience and self control. By practicing these things, people will see the light of the Lord in you. We need to do these things on a daily basis because this is one way that we can conquer darkness and hate.

We all need to realize that everyone is different and we need to be patient with each other by working together in peace and harmony. We can stamp out hate and it begins with you! “Love One Another”. God Bless Us All

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