How To Get More People To Attend Your Facebook and Instagram Live Videos

Are you going live on Facebook and Instagram but not getting the support that you want? This is a common problem for bloggers and online business entrepreneurs who are trying out the power of live social media for extra publicity and engagement but just not quite achieving what they want.

Here are some great ways to get more people to click on your live videos and attend the live feed that you’re putting all the effort into.

1. Announce It Beforehand

If you go live whenever you want, it might suit you but think about the timetables and schedules of your audience. You should announce that you’re going live before you actually do it, especially if you are going live with something important or exciting that you really want people to engage with.

Rather than letting people know 10 minutes before that you’re about to go live, let them know the day before (or even the week before depending on the importance of your video content). This gives people who are interested in the video enough time to make plans and rearrange anything which might get in the way of missing your live video.

2. Pick A Good Time

Don’t choose a time when most people are likely to be busy or unable to watch you.. If your target audience consists of people who work day jobs from 9-5, you shouldn’t go live at 10 o’clock in the morning and expect it to be a success.

You should go live either between 8am-9am when people are likely commuting to work, during lunch time when people are relaxing and browsing social media, or after work hours when people are more likely to be available to watch your video.

3. Give Your Audience A Reason To Join In

Are you asking your audience for their opinions and live updates during your live video? Are you entering each person into a prize draw? Do you have something to announce that your audience would be excited to discover and join in with?

If you are not giving people a good reason to join your live video stream and watch the content that you are creating, then don’t be surprised if your audience isn’t very large. You should announce the general content of your live video when you tell your followers you’ll be going live, but don’t give too much away or nobody will watch!

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