Forex Megadroid – A Winning Trade Rate Skyrocket With Forex Megadroid?

How to Make Your Winning Trade Rate Skyrocket with Forex Megadroid? Automation in the Forex trading world is the current rage. More and more people find the thought of spending long hours in a cubicle while trading online less and less appealing. It is therefore no surprise that programs that promise 100% automation and absolutely hands-free trading are sprouting all over the Internet. The bad news is that a lot of them works only on paper and fails abysmally during live trading. The good news: there are those that are able to live up to the expectations, and one of them is Forex Megadroid.

Forex experts understand that market condition is always subjected to change and most of the time, these changes in the market conditions break Forex software. The creators of Megadroid recognized this fact and supply their software with a new market adapting intelligence. This allows Megadroid to learn from the changing patterns and adjust accordingly. So if ever the market becomes highly volatile, you will still be able to survive. Hand in hand is another interesting feature of Megadroid, the “Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis” or RCTPA. It is an algorithm that allows Megadroid to make forecasts or predictions within 2 to 4-hour time frame.

So what makes Megadroid special aside from the two features? The first is that it only takes trades that have high chances of winning. But this feature can be a double-edged sword. While you are almost guaranteed winning trades, trading can be quite slow as Megadroid waits for the perfect conditions to occur in the market before attacking. So it is not uncommon to see Megadroid with just a single trade within a week. This makes earning a bit slow at the start. It also features “stealth mode” that hides from your broker your S/L and T/P levels. Again, it does have its negative side. If you get disconnected from the server, your position will be left unprotected. When it comes to money management, the creators of Megadroid automated it as well, introducing the Automatic Money Management System that allows you to create a fixed position size according to the chosen risk level.

While it does come with a few flaws, none of them are deal-breakers. The features and the automation offered by Forex Megadroid make it an ideal choice for those who wish to break free from the bonds of manual trading.

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