Essential Examples of Humanitarian Aid That You Need to Know 

Humanitarian aid, explained: 5 things to know | Concern Worldwide

One of the primary goals of humanitarian aid is that it can save lives and help those who are suffering. Different from development aid, humanitarian assistance is more centred around meeting immediate needs rather than addressing the more systemic issues. 

There are many organisations and governments, including international and national non-profits that are working together to coordinate aid efforts to diminish the crisis that is plaguing many countries around the world. To further understand their efforts, here are a few examples of the different types of humanitarian aid they are providing to people in need. 


One of the most important aspects of humanitarian aid includes shelter where it is often needed to help people displaced by things such as wars, disasters, or other conflicts. The UN Refugee Agency is a popularly known distributor of shelter such as providing tents, plastic sheeting – though their official stance is to avoid camps unless absolutely necessary. Plus, providing shelter can also include aid such as paying for hotel rooms. 


The insecurity of food has always been a global problem – and other issues like displacement, conflict, and climate change further contribute to the problem. And a lot of you might not know this but people who are living within a conflict-affected country are three times more likely to suffer from undernourishment. 

Disaster Relief 

Natural disasters have always been a major cause of suffering and death of people. According to the UN Report “Human Cost of Disasters”, it was found that there has been a significant increase in the number of recorded disaster events in the last 20 years as compared to the two decades before that. There are billions of people around the world who have been affected, with 2020 being a record-breaking hurricane season in the Atlantic, earthquake, wildfires, flash floods, and so much more. 

There are still many humanitarian aid examples that one can work to offer to people in need on a global scale. Fortunately, leading organisations like Be an Angel e.V. has put in significant efforts to diminish the catastrophe created by the Russian invasion on Ukraine citizens. 

Be an Angel e.V. is a German non-profit organisation centred around refugee support from conflict and war zones where they evacuate and provide humanitarian assistance to refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Ukraine. 

Since it was first founded in 2015, Be an Angel has successfully evacuated more than 12000 Ukrainians, including bringing in 22M euros first aid to Ukraine from March to August 2022. Another one of its ventures included founding the “Kruezberger Himmel” restaurant in 2018, where most of its work is done in order to support Be an Angle financially to provide effective aid to refugees. 

Friends of Be an Angel – a counterpart of Be an Angel – a non-profit organisation that mainly has its operations centred around dealing with fundraising, evacuating refugees, and delivering humanitarian aid to Ukraine from North America and Europe. After the Russian invasion on Ukraine citizens, this organisation has been relentlessly working to distribute a diverse humanitarian aid for Ukraine citizens.

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