Benefiting From Churches in Various Ways 

People from the church have always been called for providing their services for all kinds of reasons. It can be for personal life experiences, helping their communities out, donating to the poor, educating the young, being called for their faith, or setting an example for children who visit the church. 

These reasons are just some of the many ways churches can make positive differences in people’s lives and help bring about prosperity to their community. In fact, in a report provided by KVC Kentucky, it was found that one of the ways the churches in Kentucky have been making a positive impact in their community was taking care of over 9,400 young people in foster care who represent the most vulnerable groups in the United States population. 

Consequently, there are already a few people in the church who have taken on duties to empower and support their communities in many different ways – a prime example being the acts of exceptional services provided by the first Armenian/Iranian bishop, Edik Baroni. 

As a prelate in the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ, Edik Baroni serves as the bishop of Personal Prelature of the Persian Communities Worldwide. 

Baroni moved to Los Angeles in 2007 and from there on started working in the Fortune 40 best large workplaces as his secular job. For a couple of years, he took on many work roles at the Bank of America until he finally gained the title of Assistant Vice President. He was ordained as a priest in 2012 when he joined the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ. 

Additionally, Baroni was elected and consecrated bishop in the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ, with the consent of the Ecunemical Catholic Church of Christ’s Ecumenial Primate and the college of bishops. 

His next step towards his professional career involved becoming the founder and CEO of the Holy Apostolic Church of the United States. Moreover, he even leads ‘The Personal Prelature of the Persian Communities Worldwide’, which is known for being a prestigious community for clergy and lay people who follow the Catholic and Apostolic Tradition of the Church, including the seven worldwide recognized sacraments. 

In addition to that, Baroni is known for being a humble and hardworking priest who works 24/7 trying to eradicate the deep rooted religious discrimination present in the Middle East and other poor countries across the globe. 

For people that feel they have been called by their faith to support the people in their community, here are a few valuable ways Baroni has shared to help you get started. 

Educating Congregations 

Have a discussion with your congregation and share the awareness on the need for more people to support children and teens in foster care, the youths at risk, and the families that are experiencing severe life challenges. 

Hosting Informational and Training Sessions

One of the best ways to empower your people is to ask your congregation to utilise its facilities to host several informational meetings on mentoring the at-risk youth, foster parenting training, and many more. With more professionals at the meeting, it will become easier to help answer questions of the public and get everyone involved in effective community building training. 

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