Anna Giakoumaki, the Young Woman Who Dares to Challenge the Scientific Community

For the first time in history, a young woman predicts successfully major earthquakes without even being a seismologist!

Anna Giakoumaki does not only predict correctly major earthquakes but she analyzes also live the way she follows to make a prediction.

She signs as “Anna G.” (Anna Giakoumaki) and she is Not a scientist! This fact doesn’t stop her from predicting major earthquakes and challenging the scientific community. The worst is that her “predictions” are correct. How can she know? And if she can predict a major earthquake without being a seismologist, what are we doing wrong? On her website (, we found this alazonic post; “On USGS website we see this answer to the question “Can you predict earthquakes?”: “Neither the USGS nor any other scientists have ever predicted a major earthquake. We do not know how, and we do not expect to know how any time in the foreseeable future… “.

It’s time to show you how we predict a major Earthquake!

As it looks stupidly easy to predict a major Earthquake with just 3 signs (and we know that), before we publish the “Greek System”, we have tried to check it out by ourselves and find these 3 signs on ~8000-Earthquake Continuity of U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Catalog. It was IN the Predictions 98% when the 2% was each time one of the 2 Extremely Rare Cases. That’s why we share this System with you, and we take the great “risk”, to make our Predictions Live (You realize of course how momentous a Live Prediction is, as well as the consequences for us). Let’s leave the facts to speak for themselves and time will show us if the forecasting of a major Earthquake was such simple at all… !!! If our Predictions are correct, this will be the proof that you are missing something on the understanding about the Energy on Earth. Let’s do it!”.

She writes also, “We will keep share with the people this forecasting system & make our predictions Live, until they understand that it’s not a joke. It’s not just a “massive earthquake” each time, it’s a “massive moving Energy” in the Pacific’s Basin which has very specific properties & characteristics (speed/direction/power etc.) & can kill people… “

If this forecasting system doesn’t work, will be the biggest bluff of the 20th century; but If it really works, we have a future Nobel Prize winner!

See the Live predictions for Pacific’s BB & her comments here:

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