A Proper Breakfast For a Healthy Life

Morning shows the day is a good saying which holds good for breakfast also. Breakfast which is the first meal of the day has its own advantages. It plays a crucial role in the growth of a human body and brain.

Breakfast is the gear of the human body just as the gear of the car. No car can run without a gear, so also nobody can be without breakfast. A person must never deny breakfast in a day. The breakfast of an individual should be healthy food and it has to be according to the tastes and lifestyle of the individual.

There are many benefits which a person can gain from a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast refreshes the person and he/she will be active for the whole day. A healthy breakfast gives a person vitamins and minerals required by the body.

It also aids in checking the weight of a person. By taking in balanced diet a person can develop the ability to concentrate in his field of work, be it academics or professional. Healthy breakfast automatically increases the efficiency and productivity of an individual. It helps in reducing the level of cholesterol and this in turn reduces the risk of heart diseases.

A person should never skip breakfast. It will only lead to anemia and will further ruin the immune system of the body. Some people have the wrong notion that skipping breakfast will help in losing weight. But this is foolishness and it will lead only to diseases in the body. Parents should promote the habit of having a healthy breakfast in their children and adolescents.

School going children will be benefited by taking in proper and healthy breakfast. They can concentrate in their academics and other sports activities. A healthy breakfast helps in the formation of blood cells and this helps them in fighting against various diseases and infections. A healthy breakfast helps in developing creativity among the children.

A healthy breakfast should comprise of cereals that contains at least 6 grams of fiber per serving. To the cereals you can add nonfat milk and some fruits. See that your sugar intake is less than 10 grams

The effects of not eating a healthy breakfast are:

– If you skip breakfast it triggers food cravings during the whole day.

– Skipping breakfast actually results in weight gain. The reason is that when we sleep in the night our metabolism is a bit slow. So we have to get our metabolism to its normal state with a healthy breakfast. When we skip breakfast we prevent our body from building lepton a protein which helps in the normal functioning of the body. This includes losing weight also.

– The risk of other diseases due to not eating a good breakfast is most important.

The busy world in which we live should not begin with skipping breakfast to save time. Rather it should start in spending more time to prepare healthy breakfast. The results of skipping breakfast may be negative. It may leave a permanent health disorder in us.

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